Subscribing to the Friend Country Club calendar

A subscription to the calendar allows you to receive reminders, updates and other key information regarding events posted on the Friend Country Club calendar.  This calendar is hosted by Google and currently the privacy settings are set to public. This setting allows anyone access to viewing the calendar. If this access starts to be abused we will reset the privacy settings and make the calendar accessible via email address only, meaning you will need to apply to the webmaster for access.

Subscribing to the calendar is easy. 
First, highlight the italicized, bolded text completely and then right click on the highlighted text. A menu will pop up. Select COPY and left click on COPY.



 IF you already have a gmail account, simply sign in to your account using your gmail user name and password. Once you are signed in, go to your Google calendar (in the upper right corner, by your name is a little block of nine squares, click on this box, then click on the calendar icon and the calendar app will open). From the left side of the calendar window you will see other calendars.  Just to the right of that text there is a little arrow pointing down. Now, click that little arrow. Another menu will pop up  Select Add by URL. Place your mouse pointer in the box that pops up and left click one time, now move your mouse pointer down to the word paste and left click once. Finally, left click on the box that says Add Calendar.

To insure you are getting the notifications you want to, go to your settings page  by clicking on the little gear icon in the upper right corner of the calendar page, then select settings.  This will bring you to the general settings page, but we want to look at the notifications stuff, which is under the Calendars tab under the bold Calendar Settings
in the upper left corner. Once you click that tab you will see all of your calendars and the various settings for receiving notifications etc. Note, this is also where you go if you wish at some point in time to unsubscribe from notifications by this or other calendars.

IF you do not already have a gmail account, you will need to create a free one to subscribe to the calendar.

NOTE: You do NOT need a Google account to see the calendar on the web site. You only need a subscription IF you wish to automatically receive updates and notifications.

To set up a free gmail account (they are all free) click on this link (, then click on Create an Account and follow the instructions.  Once your new account is set up, just follow the simple instructions above to subscribe to the calendar.